This beautiful, re-mastered Bible Timeline shows important people and events organized in time from Adam until present.

Bible history timeline

The Bible Timeline Chart allows one to view the entire history of the world at a glance. With this beautifully re-mastered Timeline, you are easily able to visually connect world history events with the people and events of the Bible. For instance, imagine the Prophet Daniel and the well-known historical figure, Confucius, living their lives in the same time period, thousands of miles apart. It's almost impossible to draw a link between two cultures, such as these, using traditional historical research methods. However, today it is not necessary to research volumes of difficult history books and historical texts to gain a clear understanding and knowledge of world history. All of this meticulous research has been done for you, so that you may experience a closer connection to history.

Meticulous research has placed biblical figures, prophets, and events into their proper time period, which can be seen at a glance. The Bible becomes much more clear when you are able to see everything laid out.
The accepted traditional view of history is merged with biblical history, which brings meaning and realism to the Bible.
The Bible & World History Timeline is produced on high quality photo paper with the dimensions of 45 inches by 35 inches. With its elegant design combined with awe-inspiring content, the World History Timeline is the perfect choice for any room.

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