Figure 1
Bible Timeline Explained

The Bible History Timeline is a visual companion to the Bible and history books. It portrays key figures and important events throughout the history of the world, organizing them in their place in time. These pieces of history were painstakingly researched and carefully referenced from many sources, including the Bible.

Our Bible Timeline is divided into separate time periods. These divisions are marked with lines starting at the center of the chart, extending toward the outer perimeter. The ending of each line is labeled with the appropriate time period, as shown in a segment of the Bible History Timeline to the left, labeled Figure 1. Biblical and Historical figures and events are depicted between each of these time divisions. Christ is found on the line, labeled 0, running down the middle of the chart, as illustrated in Figure 1. To the right of this line are all the people and events before Christ and to the left are all people and events after Christ.

Organizing events and figures of history in this manner allows us to see the whole picture, adding meaning and clarity. Although most of us have a general knowledge of Bible and World History, this knowledge is like a very large puzzle that is too difficult and time consuming to put together. The Bible History Timeline assembles these small puzzle pieces, so that we are able to view, at a glance, these biblical and historical events in an organized and meaningful way.

Figure 2
Bible Puzzle

Figure 2 on the right is a good example of the greater meaning that can be obtained from the whole picture. As the timeline reveals, Confucius lived in the same time period as the biblical figure Daniel. The history sources of these people are so drastically different that a link between them would not otherwise be made. This also builds a closer connection between our Bible history and traditional history.

The Bible History Timeline organizes abstract pieces of history in such a way that it is easy to trace the lineage of civilizations back to our biblical ancestors. As a result, we experience a closer connection with the Bible.

Figure 3
Bible Puzzle

As illustrated in figure 3: China, Persia, Greece, and Rome are all descendents of the Japhetic line. The Bible History Timeline shows this lineage with color coordination. The Japhetic line is represented by the color blue, the Semitic line is green, and Hamitic line is red.